Anonymous said : It gets better. Promise. 

I hope you’re right

Anonymous said : My thoughts are with you. 

That’s lovey so thank you Anon.

-Mila x

Done ranting about my unhappiness and break up. Just realised how much of a pathetic pining ex I sound like.


Anonymous said : You're a real person. Actual and whole who DESERVES happiness. You might feel slightly rudderless now, but you'll find your way again. You're strong! What you did was sacrifice your own joy. That's VERY brave. 

Thanks. Means a lot. I guess you’re right.


3 hours ago
Anonymous said : Feel better pretty lady! 



Anonymous said : Hi Mila I miss seeing your sassy posts! That was a brave hing you did. I hope you feel better soon. You deserve all the happiness in the world! 

I think it was pretty cowardly to be honest but thanks. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ok though. I don’t have a purpose or a life anymore. I’d like to just fade away. Then I wouldn’t be getting in the way of Jodi and Orlando’s relationship.


3 hours ago
3 hours ago

Hi it’s Mila. Just thought I should still come on here, I just don’t want to trigger people that’s all. I’m pretty down right now.


Anonymous said : How did Mila dating work? 

Ugh do I really have to explain this (sorry, done it so many times) 

Basically my ex Mal also had DID and Kye was his alter. When me and Mal broke up Kye had kinda disappeared. I recently found out he had come back and they were back together but then she broke up with him because they knew it wouldn’t/couldn’t work

Anonymous said : No one should feel bad! My spelling is bad and your face is angelic! 

ILY <3